Holiday Reading


Winter holidays are the perfect time to develop reading skills in fun ways. Download our fun winter reading activities for free and check out these ideas:

  • Making a list and checking it twice. Whether it’s their own wish list or it’s a list of gifts they’d like to buy or make for their family, make sure they “write” it down, even if “write” means “draw.” Let little ones “read” to you what they or you wrote. Urge the older ones to be as descriptive as possible!
  • Following the recipe. From the family’s feast to a batch of sugar cookies, working with young readers in your life to follow a recipe is a great way to develop essential skills, including talking and listening. What letter does chocolate begin with? What words rhyme with flour?
  • Greetings. The kids don’t have to simply be subjects in your holiday greetings. Encourage them to get involved. If you write a newsletter-style update for family and friends, give them space to contribute. If you go the photography route, they can include a handmade sign in the shot.
  • Counting down the days. The little ones can practice writing those numbers with a do-it-yourself countdown calendar.
  • Remembering traditions with your own books. Encourage your children to tell stories, draw pictures and write about their favorite family traditions over the holidays. Each year, you can pull out books from years past and reminisce.
  • Reading treats. Even if you read aloud regularly as a family, you can make the experience special by including some holiday favorites. Hot cocoa and marshmallows, anybody?

Remember, reading with your child is about more than sitting down and sharing a book. The opportunities really are endless. Have other ideas? Share them in the comments area!

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