How to Withdraw Money from Payza in Pakistan?

Hi, My name is Mohasney !, Need To receive or deposit money from Payza in Pakistan So you are in the right place, Here is indefinite guide About Payza.

Payza is just like Paypal that support international transactions and has the ability to receive and transfer money around the world with your own country currency , And the good news is that Payza is Available in Pakistan, if you are working in online field than Payza is best for you , Payza is 100% free and not a spam , it is available and working in 190 countries in the world.

Are you Excited!!  Lets begin the Game.

How to withdraw money from Payza in Pakistan

About Payza Payment Method:

In the past payza Provided the service to withdraw either  Using Money Credit Card or Check.But In the start of 2012 Payza introduced its  Prepaid debit card , after that Payza Closed all the old ways except debit card and wire.

If you want to withdraw money so must use the bank wire , So through your local bank account you, can easily verified Payza account , after doing All this procedure you can easily verified and transfer and receive money in your payza account.

To deposit the amount  into your local bank account then first Login into your Payza account

After that click the deposit option and fill the amount of money that you want to deposit and Hit enter the Next Option , After doing all this  your local bank name and address will be present in your screen

You have to pay $20 for this transaction and it will take approximately 4 to 5 days before this transaction

Another way To verify Payza Account

There is another and free method to verify your payza account.

You can submit your CNIC card and a Utility bill to verify your payza account by scanning both side of the CNIC and utility bill , This verification option are available in your payza account under your name. the verification process will take 4 to 5 days before the transaction is complete so you need to be patient

Apply for Payza debit Card in 2019

  • Login to your Payza account
  • Apply for Payza debit card
  • In 60 days you will get your Debit card

How To Create Payza Account full verified



If  you want more information about Payza Comment below or visit the official website of Payza


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