How to change your name in PUBG

Strong gamers are headfirst into PUBG mobile on android , as one of the most current battle royal-style games makes an brilliant cross-over from PC to mobile.

The game is awesome, but it’s not   perfect. Take my involvement with setting up my PUBG mobile account, name , and appearance. No rather had I signed up and logged in through Facebook , my gaming account name converted my Facebook name : MOHASNEY K .  Oh my god.

Who plays games with their real name?  nonentity , that’s who. And what was I thoughtful when I didn’t modify my appearance?

5 steps to change your name in PUBG mobile:

Changing your appearance in PUBGmobile is relatively easier than the entire misunderstanding that surrounds a name change. Conversely changing your appearance comes with its own specific hook. These steps will show how to change your appearance in PUBG .

  1.  Confirm that you have 3000BP.
  2.  Head over to the main tariff and select inventory.
  3.  As soon as you’ll open inventory, a rearrange appearance option will appear right next to your player.
  4. This will provides you with all the choices essential for an appearance change.
  5. Make your changes and pay the charges.

  How to reset your appearance

The best news is that you can easily reset your appearance. Tencent  games knows that you’ll want to change up your look as you play to keep things warm. The hook is that you have to first earn 3000BP- one of the in-game coins or money-to be able to do it.

If u have all the currencies , just follow these order:

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Follow the 5 steps given up.

How to change your name .

Back to our main issue: how do you change your name in the PUBG mobile, once you’ve set it?

I examined through every menu and point in the game, with no fortune. Anyway I struggled with tapping the screen. I asked nicely. I asked the in-game chat. I chatted on the microphone to other gamers. At last, in worry, I verified out asking customer facilities as well to see if they could help.          At last? Right now, you can’t change your name, but it’s a coming story.

Tencent is a Chinese gaming company, and the game is updated in china faster than the worldwide version. In Chinese updated version of the PUBG mob v0.4.0 contains a NAME ID card which you’re able to use once to convert your name.

NOTE : As we said once per day, but users aren’t checking that.

UPDATE: Version 0.4.0 is now out, which conveys with it an update reward to collect, which includes the ID card just as we see in Chinese player game screenshot above. The name changing card, as it is called, allows you to change your name once after 24 hours.

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