Solar System to run Inverter ac in summer 2018

Hello, Viewers Today we will take a look on an affordable Solar system that is capable to run 1.5 Dc inverter Air Conditioner. Due Too high Temperature and Hot Day Everyone is looking for the affordable Cheap and best Solar inverter. Many People Are asking a lot of question Solar system and it is very difficult to answer one by one, Some Common Questions Are:

  • Can I Run 1.5 Ton Inverter Ac One solar Panel?
  • What is the price of Affordable Solar System To run inverter Ac?

So, I wanted to Share a complete Guide To How to use the solar system to run Air Conditioner And Other home Appliances Like Fridge, Lights, Fan, and other appliances, Below Are some common steps  that we will Learn in this Solar Ac Buying Guide

  1. 5-ton inverter air conditioning power utilization every hour?
  2. Best DC Inverter AC at solar system and Costs of DC Inverter AC?
  3. What amount solar boards required and costs of solar boards?
  4. Which solar inverter is best to run 1.5 ton DC inverter AC?
  5. What are the Prices of the best Solar Inverters?
  6. What number of batteries are required to run a 1.5 ton DC Inverter Air conditioner?

First, we take look at the power utilization of Inverter Air Conditioner. Before purchasing the solar system we should realize that how much voltage is required to run a forced air conditioner. 1-ton air conditioning power utilization is (2.5 – 4.8) An or (500-1100) watt. Here one thing is to remember 1 ton DC Inverter AC takes 1100 watt to pursue and keeping up the temperature in a perfect mode it comes at (2.4 A) 500 watt. Notwithstanding, 1.5-Ton Inverter air conditioning devours (730-2020) Watt or (3.4-8.8) A.

DC Inverter ACNo of Solar panelPeak EfficiencyIdeal Mode (W)
1 ton inverter ac power consumption250×6=1500 watt900 Watt550 watt
1.5 ton inverter ac power consumption250×8= 2000 watt1200 Watt730 watt


Solar Inverters 2019 Guide

Presently we will investigate Solar Inverter or Solar UPS. Presently we are cleared about DC inverter ACs control requirement with the assistance of above estimation. We realize that we are required least 1100 watt to run 1 ton AC and 2020 watt required to run 1.5-ton inverter AC. So we required least 2KVA (1400 watt) for 1 ton AC and 3KVA (2400 watt) to run 1.5 ton AC.

Solar Inverter / UPSDC inverter ACRunning PowerIdeal Mode
2KVA (1400 watt)1 ton inverter ac power consumption1100 watt550 watt
3KVA (2400 watt)1.5 ton inverter ac power consumption2020 watt730 watt


  • KVA Solar Inverter keep running on 24 input volt
  • 3KVA Solar Inverter keep running on 24/48 input volt

Price of Solar Inverter / UPS for Solar System

  • Cost of 2KVA solar inverter (Modify) = PKRs.15000/ –
  • Cost of 2KVA (sine wave) Solar Inverter= PKRs.25000/ –
  • Cost of 3KVA (sine wave) Solar Inverter= PKRs.(35000-45000)
  • Cost of 4KVA (sine wave) Solar Inverter= PKRs.(45000-55000)

Solar Panels (plates) 2019 Guide

Best solar panel in Pakistan 2018

Presently the following stage is how much solar palates (Solar board) are required. Hereby and by we look on initial step how much power is required to run ACs. We are required 1100 watt(1200 BTU) for 1ton and 2020 watt for 1.5 (1800 BTU) ton AC. Here one thing remembers Solar board gives 60 % effectiveness in his high execution as a result of line loses and change. On the off chance that we guess that we required power for a perfect mode. With the goal that we 550 watts for 1 ton and 730 watts to run 1.5 ton AC. Presently we pick Solar Plates (boards). While picking the solar boards input voltage of your solar inverter additionally remembers. Here we required 24 volts along these lines, I favor 250-watt solar plates (boards).

DC Inverter ACNo of Solar panelPeak EfficiencyIdeal Mode (W)
1 ton inverter ac power consumption250×6=1500 watt900 Watt550 watt
1.5 ton inverter ac power consumption250×8= 2000 watt1200 Watt730 watt

Price of Solar Plates (Panels)

250-watt solar board cost is beginning from PKRS. 12000/.

Price for 1 ton 6 solar panels
12000×672000/- PKRs
Price for 1 ton 6 solar panels12000×896000/- PKRs

One thing keeps in your notice that on the off chance that you have a budget you can purchase 4kva solar inverter and 10 solar plates for better execution or run more machines.


Presently the last step is how much batteries are required to run inverter ACs. In the event that we trade off that to run AC just in Sun Light, we are not required enormous battery bank. Here is additionally inverter input volt remember. We required 24 v input voltage for solar inverter so we utilize two 12v batteries in arrangement to make 24 volts for our solar inverter.

I favor 02 AGS 200Ah batteries for better execution. Since we can pursue fans and cooler sunset while AC isn’t running.


AGS 200Ah battery cost is around (18000-20000) PKRs. Approx 40000 PKRs for the two batteries.

Include Ten thousand additional for cabling and establishment.

I personally utilized 3kva Cherry pure sine wave inverter and AGS 200AH batteries with 6 Solar Plates for 3 years. AGS give me long reinforcement of 3 years. Presently I will change batteries in this session.

Approx cost of 2kva solar framework for 1-ton Inverter AC is = 155000 PKRs Approx cost of 2kva solar framework for 1.5-ton Inverter AC is =180000 PKRs 

I trust every one of your inquiries with respect to the solar panel is shrouded in this Solar System Guide and you will effectively purchase solar panel in the wake of following this Guide. You may make some other inquiry or recommendations in remarks.

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